Changing the Face of Doctor Who

"I'm a Doctor... but probably not the one you're expecting"
The Eighth Doctor (Rik Mayall)


 Changing the Face of Doctor Who set

PLEASE NOTE: this (spoof) item is non-profit making, in that anything over production costs will be ploughed into my next project (The Adventures of Jago and Litefoot).

Changing the Face of Doctor Who is a selection of posters, merchandise, listings and ephemera that imagines different actors in the roles of the first eight Doctors, some who were merely considered, some who were approached and one who should have been.

All magazine covers are 'actual size' and have been professionally printed on heavy 250gsm silk paper.

I've been the designer of the popular Doctor Who comics magazine Vworp Vworp! for several years. I hope my love of Doctor Who in all its forms is evident from this.

Changing the Face of Doctor Who consists of:

Bayldon Radio Times Bayldon print Bayldon detail

(1) An A3 print (29.7 x 42.0cm or 11.69 x 16.53 inches) of the cover of an imaginary November 23-29, 1963, issue of Radio Times featuring the First Doctor, GEOFFREY BAYLDON. The cover is printed so as to be 'actual size' and as utterly authentic as possible (anyone who's seen my work – such as The Day of Doctor Who – will attest that I'm very keen to make my retro covers etc look 100% authentic).

Robots cover Robots back Robots flat

(2) A mockup of a novelisation of the unmade story, The Masters of Luxor, starring GEOFFREY BAYLDON. Please note that although the size and design of the book resembles one of the first run of Target novelisations, the pages within come from random paperbacks from such literary luminaries as Dan Brown and Jackie Collins. Artwork by the brilliant Steve Andrew.

Ariel coverAriel full

(3) The cover of an imaginary November 1966 issue of the BBC's in-house magazine, Ariel, featuring the Second Doctor, BRIAN BLESSED. A3 print.

telesnapstelesnaps closeup telesnaps print

(4) A set of telesnaps from the first episode of The Destiny of Doctor Who, introducing BRIAN BLESSED as the Doctor, plus Radio Times listing. The telesnaps are actual size. A3 print.

Moody RT Moody poster

(5) The January 1st 1970 cover of Radio Times, publicising RON MOODY's debut as the Third Doctor, in the Yeti story The Laird of McCrimmon. A3 print.

Moody badge

(6) A jim-dandy RON MOODY metal badge measuring 37mm, designed to resemble the 1971 Sugar Smacks badges (these). Artwork by Steve Andrew.

Spray of Death cover

(7) A 4"x6" double-sided postcard of the 2-8 January 1971 Radio Times cover, featuring RON MOODY as the Third Doctor, Peter Cushing as the Master, David Langton as the Brigadier and Yutte Stensgaard as Jo Grant. (Cushing, as far as I know, was never considered for the Master, but Langton was originally cast as Lethbridge-Stewart and Stensgaard was considered for Jo.)

Moody signed

(8) A 3.5" x 5.5" (approx) RON MOODY publicity card with preprinted signature.

Crowden mag Crowden print

(9) The cover of a (non-existent) magazine promoting the debut of GRAHAM CROWDEN as the Fourth Doctor, also featuring the irreplaceable Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. A3 print.

Griffths article Griffths print Griffiths detail

(10) An interview (made up, of course) from a January 1982 edition of Radio Times, with the Fifth Doctor himself, RICHARD GRIFFITHS. A3 print.

Project Zeta-Sigma

(11) The Target novelisation cover (flat) of the Fifth Doctor's introductory story, Project Zeta-Sigma, which starred RICHARD GRIFFITHS with Peter Cushing's Master. Measures 9"x7", approximately, on thick card.

DWM DWM poster

(12) Doctor Who Magazine announces the new Sixth Doctor, RICHARD O'BRIEN, on the cover of its June 1984 issue. A3 print.


Avallion cover

(13) An (actual size) DVD cover for the 1989 Seventh Doctor story Storm Over Avallion, starring KEN CAMPBELL, David Langton, Sara Griffiths (introduced in Delta and the Bannermen) and Jean Marsh. A4 print.

Ken publicity

(14) A faux Doctor Who publicity photo of KEN CAMPBELL, with pre-printed signature. 4" x 6" on card.

Press release

(15) A 1987 BBC Press Release announcing the casting of KEN CAMPBELL. A4 print.

Rik Radio Times Rik poster

(16) Doctor Who returned in 1996, with an American flavour and RIK MAYALL in the title role. Here's the Radio Times to prove it. A3 print.

casting notes

(17) One final A3 poster with a few bits and pieces that didn't make it into the set, eight title sequences and my workings.

RT listings

(18) Nine listings, pics and articles from Radio Times, all cut out ready for gluing in your scrapbook.

spinny tardis

The set now costs 12.49, plus 2.80 shipping if you're in the UK, 6.85 to the rest of Europe and 11.15 by international airmail.
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